Finding balance

by - June 10, 2018

I have a tendency of being a complete all-or-nothing person. Either I am working out 5 times a week, eating super healthy and obsessing over the image in the mirror, or I completely fall off track, eat whatever I want, forget to work out and party way too much, despite my love for a healthy lifestyle. The latter has been particularly easy in my friend group lately...

Every now and then, however, life crisis slaps me in the face and makes me reconsider my life and the person I want to be. This past week I had an experience that made me realize that I was no longer working towards my goals, and that's why my main objective lately has been in finding balance in my life again. 

I think it's great to sit down every now and then to reflect the past, to think of the things you wish to accomplish and set some goals for new habits you want to have in your life! These are a few things that I want to work on:

♡ Introduce working out & stretching in my life again! The weather has been literally perfect in Amsterdam lately for doing yoga in the park & going for runs!
♡  Cook home more often & try out new recipes! Cooking is such a dear hobby of my roomie and I, especially trying out new things, however lately I have been eating out or at our school canteen way too often, cooking home maybe two, max three times a week.
♡ Cut down on all the unhealthy crap I have been consuming lately like crazy and rather introduce a treat meal or two in my week!
♡  Cut down on my alcohol consumption. The past weeks it has not been abnormal for me to have a drink many times per week, and binge-drink at least once a week - gross I know ughhh :-D. Sometimes I just stop caring and completely shut my ears and eyes about the health effects of alcohol This goes hand-in-hand with the lifestyle that many of the people in my school lead. However for now I'll try to stick to consuming alcohol max once a week & not going crazy when doing so.
♡ Learn to say no and take time for myself! Throughout the past years I have been scared of saying no because I haven't wanted to disappoint people, even when I have not felt like joining in on something. I've also feared of seeming boring by not joining for partying, for instance, but it's time for me to learn to do exactly what I feel like doing instead of pleasing people constantly!
♡ Make Sunday a BOT = back on track-day! Cleaning the house, organizing everything, planning my week, catching up on work for school, pampering & relaxing!
♡ Don't spend time on my phone for the last hour of the day & finish the day off with at least 15 minutes of reading! My phone-addiction is real and it needs some fixing :-D Also I love reading but somehow I always just end up staring at a screen.
♡ Waking up earlier (latest at 7am) & accomplishing more in the morning! A bit difficult with my part-time job where I have to work until 2.30am at times, but at least during the week I can work on this.

What kind of habits are you trying to create?

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