Finnish summer at its best

by - August 06, 2018

Literally a minute walk from my parents' new place. LOVE IT.

Trying out new cafés in Tampere. Fazer Tempo gets a thumbs-up from me - the brunch was tasty & interior super cute!

Views like this make even me want to go for an evening run!

Essential part of Finnish summer. 

Been enjoying views like this every evening! Perfect for some yoga.
Coffee date with high school bestie. // Gorgeous sunset in Jyväskylä!

Love the new café Espressohouse in Tampere!

One of my best friends is getting married! I got to know her in Australia a few years back and back then we were living pretty much identical lives so it's crazy to think how different our lives have turned out to be after (me being totally single and her getting married, that is, hahaha). I'll be her maid-of-honor next summer and I cannot wait!

Cotton candy skies ♡

Twinning since 2014 // Loving beige & black in clothes atm!  

Puisto // Fazer Tempo

Greetings from Finland! I arrived here about a week ago to visit family and friends and it's been insanely nice and relaxing!

Finnish summer is always a bit unpredictable - sometimes the weather is just crap throughout the summer and sometimes you get lucky like this year - every day during my visit it has been "helle", meaning that the temperature has risen over 25 degrees! When the weather is nice and the sun is out, Finland really wakes up to life. The lake next to my parent's new place has been completely packed with people every day cooling off to survive the unusual heat!

My trip to Finland has included a lot of catching up with friends, enjoying my parents' new neighborhood (I've even been motivated to go for a run every day so that says a lot about how pretty the area is!), going for evening swims, trying out new cafés & playing lots of card games with my mom and brother!

I still have another week to go and the plan is to visit a friend in Helsinki, do a day trip to Tallinn since it's been years since the last visit, and also finally have a full family reunion after 4 (!!) years. I've been abroad for so long and my sister also moved to Northern Ireland last year so it has been insanely long since all of us siblings have been together. Can't wait!

I hope everyone's having a lovely summer! ♡

xx Ella

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