Exploring Amsterdam: Coffee Room

by - September 28, 2018

Hi guys! It's time for yet another café recommendation -  today it's Coffee Room's turn! 

Coffee Room is a café located on Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam West, and it has become one of my go-to spots to study and write my blog due to many reasons!

There's no table service, which is perfect when you just want to work in peace for hours without anyone bothering you or pressuring you to buy more (Of course that comes with the downside of having to get up and leave your stuff unattended in case you want to order more...)
When the weather is good, it's so nice to sit at the cozy outside seating area by the canal and enjoy the view, and if you're like me, a large coconut latte (which is btw amazing at Coffee Room!)

Although I do not really like the mix-and-match style of Coffee Room and normally tend to go for cafés with more of a modern look, the menu of Coffee Room really makes up for it and makes me return every time! Coffee Room has a bunch of tasty & healthy breakfast bowls, sandwiches and superfood smoothies, as well as a variety of cookies and cakes to choose from! Prices are your standard Amsterdam prices, so they will charge you around 8 euros for a breakfast bowl and 3,50 for coffees. They however also have great breakfast deals for around 5 euros or so if you're short on money.
As I mentioned before, the coffee at Coffee Room is really good! Moreover, I've tried out the acai bowl, the cacao superfood smoothie and a toastie, all of which were full of flavor and would definitely recommend. The café reminds me of my grandma's home so it's quite surprising to find all these superfoods, healthy and biological options on the menu, but definitely not complaining - the quality of the food and coffee is what makes the difference and makes this café worth trying out!

Definitely stop by for a breakfast bowl & coffee some morning, you won't be disappointed! :-)

xx Ella

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