Exploring Amsterdam: Koala Republic

by - September 22, 2018

Trying out different cafés is one of my absolute favorite things to do here in Amsterdam so I thought I'd introduce a new series over here on my blog: Exploring Amsterdam! I'll be sharing my opinions and tips weekly regarding coffee/food places you should check out on your trip to Amsterdam. On today's agenda we have Koala Republic!

From Koala Republic's instagram page @koalarepublic

Koala Republic is a café inspired by "Australia's beachside lifestyle", located in de Baarsjes, Amsterdam West. It aims to promote a healthy lifestyle through fresh and nutritious food. The menu comprises of a variety of breakfast/brunch foods such as fruit bowls, sandwiches, waffles and pancakes, as well as a long list of drinks, including your trendy options like kombucha and matcha latte! The interior of Koala Republic makes it your go-to instagrammable café with hanging plants everywhere, marble tables and even a table with swings for your legs and one built close to the ceiling where you have to climb stairs to get to (unfortunately this was occupied when I was at the café so did not manage to get a shot myself, but definitely check out Koala Republic's instagram-page!).

The prices of the menu items are your standard Amsterdam café ones, so you can expect food prices hovering around 8-12 euros, whereas coffees will cost you around 3 euros each, with special milks costing an extra 50 cents. The coffee however is excellent - I definitely had one of my best oat milk lattes in Amsterdam here in Koala Republic! The coffee is by a small company called Common Greens, which ensures that all the plantation employees have good working conditions and also donates 25 cents for every kilo sold to their foundation with a good cause.

When it comes to the food, I've so far had positive experiences! I tried the poached eggs on sourdough toast (which I never wanted to end), caprese sandwich (very tasty yet too oily to be as healthy as they promote to be, haha) and passionfruit bowl (yuuuummm!).  The toasted banana bread was also excellent. Service at Koala Republic is also friendly and helpful, and this is coming from a hospitality business students, so I'm quite judgmental, haha! Receiving your food or drinks might sometimes take some time but then again the atmosphere makes it a place where you also like to chill for a bit of a longer time!

The location of Koala Republic is perhaps not ideal for tourists, as it is a bit further away from the city, yet if you are in the vicinity, definitely check it out and sit down for a cup of coffee!
Enjoy your weekend! xx Ella

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