No place like home

by - January 05, 2019

I flew home for Christmas break and it was honestly so good! <3 This past block in school has somehow felt insanely tough (having two jobs might have an influence...) so having time to do absolutely nothing came at the right time. I took a few days off social media (which is a real achievement for an Insta-addict like me, haha), spent a super nice Christmas with my family playing a bunch of board games, UNO and watching romcoms & the extended LotR movies, met up with friends for coffee, fulfilled my maid-of-honor-duties by going wedding dress shopping with my dear bride-to-be, read two books and spent a lot of time outside! 

The other day the neighborhood close to my parents' place looked like nothing I've seen before here in Finland - all the plants were covered in thick ice and icicles were sticking almost horizontally from bridges! Some of the pictures above were taken on that day - couldn't properly move my fingers for a good thirty minutes after my trip outside...but it was totally worth it!

x Ella

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